Turn Ugly Stumps to Mulch

Turn Ugly Stumps to Mulch

Hire us for tree stump grinding in Stockbridge, GA

You don't want stumps jutting up out of your yard. JLD Tree Service can deal with them. Our tree stump grinding will leave your yard smooth and free of stumps. We can perform stump grinding services as part of our tree removals or on their own. We can also remove the roots.

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What happens when you leave stumps in your yard?

A stump in your yard can be a real eyesore. Spare yourself a lot of stress by letting us handle the stump grinding services you need. A stump in your yard can create a lot of problems for you, such as:

  • Creating a tripping hazard
  • Making it difficult to mow your lawn
  • Reducing your curb appeal
  • Attracting fungus and more tree growth

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